TriMine EGEM XVG Grin HiveOS

First create the initial Claymore Dual Miner with the below settings.

trimine initial config

Apply changes, update and save this as an initial claymore dual mine config. Then Duplicate this and get to adding cuckoo [GRIN]. Add Miner and we want to add Grin, grin mint wallet is your email address, choose grin mint as your pool, with these settings, nThreads is however many cpu threads you want to use.


plugin_name = "cuckaroo_cpu_compat_29"


nthreads = 2

grin miner cpu only config

Give you final flight sheet a name, like EGEM XVG GRIN TriMiner. Save and click the rocket.

trimining hiveos

Cryptotip: Go to remote access at the top, then shell in a box. Login through the weblink. At the shell prompt type, miner. ctrl-a 1 will take you to claymore logs, ctrl-a 2 will take you to grin miner logs.

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Created by buzzkill b on 2019/03/02 22:28

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